Dabble & Dollop Baby Shower Gift Set


Our Welcome Baby Gift Set is the perfect present for a Baby Shower or as a surprise for a family's first week home with a new child. The set has everything needed for gentle, effective, newborn skin care, including all EWG-Certified Infant Wash, Nourishing Infant Balm, and surfactant-free face & neck wipes. Plus a USA-made, latex-free bath ducky/teether.

Treat your loved ones to the ultimate baby care experience with our Dabble Ducky Infant Essentials Set. This delightful gift set, beautifully presented in a reusable, clear vinyl gift bag with a zipper adorned by our signature Dabble Ducky, includes everything needed to care for delicate infant skin.

The Infant Essentials Set features:

  1. Foaming Infant Wash (EWG Verified) - A gentle, all-natural, vegan, and safe cleanser for delicate and eczema-prone skin.
  2. Hydrating Infant Balm (EWG Verified) - A nourishing and soothing balm to keep your baby's skin soft and hydrated.
  3. Face & Neck Wipes (EWG Verified) - Perfect for gentle cleansing on-the-go, these wipes are safe and effective for babies' sensitive skin.
  4. USA-Made Ducky Bath Toy/Teether with Gift Box - A fun and safe toy for bath time or teething, crafted right here in the USA.
  5. FREE GIFT: Custom Dabble & Dollop Gift Tote - A stylish, reusable tote to carry all your baby essentials with ease.

This versatile gift set is perfect for expectant mothers, infants, and babies with eczema or dry and irritated skin. With EWG Verified products, you can trust that every item in the Dabble Ducky Infant Essentials Set is gentle, safe, and effective for your baby's needs.

Gift the Welcome Baby Gift Set and make baby care a delightful, worry-free experience for parents and their little ones.