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Dabble & Dollop 100% Natural Bath Bombs 12 ct


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Discover Dabble & Dollop Bath Bombs - Original Scents, the perfect bath bombs for kids that add a touch of excitement and imagination to bath time. Our 100% natural, clean, and safe bath bombs deliver a gentle, moisturizing, and enchanting experience that both children and parents adore. Free from artificial dyes, colors, and toys, these bath bombs focus on pure, all-natural fizzy enjoyment.

The Original Bath Bomb set features:

  • 12 child-friendly Droplets, each 1 inch in size, designed for a delightful bath experience
  • Four captivating, all-natural fragrances: 3 Strawberry, 3 Tangerine, 3 Honeydew, and 3 Vanilla
  • A soothing, hydrating formula that leaves skin soft and revitalized

Dabble & Dollop Droplets boast 100% natural ingredients and are vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and proudly made in California, USA, guaranteeing the highest quality standards.

Note that each Droplet is individually encased in a thin, recyclable plastic wrapper, designed to maintain the bath bomb's integrity during shipping and to preserve the enticing scents at home. Our environmentally friendly packaging ensures the bath bombs remain fresh and high-quality.

Elevate your child's bath time experience with Dabble & Dollop's Original Scent Bath Bombs, transforming it into a colorful, sensory journey. As a top-rated, best-selling bath and body product, our customers rave about the calming, soothing effects and the long-lasting, irresistible aromas our Droplets deliver.